Graduation Photo Invitations

Graduation photo invitations are a great way to share a graduation photo with each guest who is invited to the graduation. They are economical as well, costing only a small portion of the cost of enclosing a professional print from a photographer with each invitation that is sent out. For one low price, both the invitation and photo can be purchased. Sending photo invitations to those who you would like to invite to your graduation day festivities is a step above the ordinary white card. Seeing your photo is the next best thing to inviting your guests in person. The card makes a very good keepsake for friends and relatives as well.

Graduation Photo InvitationsAnother advantage of graduation photo invitations is that they can have a very unique style that reflects the personality and goals of the graduate. They are often colorful, bold, and modern. There are also more delicate styles that girls often prefer, such as one with a polka dot background with the graduate’s photo on the left and a photo of balloons being released into the air on the other side. The name of the graduate is scripted in a gold ribbon that runs across the width of the invitation. Photo cards can be ordered online, and most websites provide choices and styles of fonts, colors, and other customized personal touches that make the cards unique and special. In fact, the invitations can have custom personalization that makes them totally different than what anyone else would send out, even if they purchased the invitations from the same website.

There are many options of how to design a one-of-a-kind invitation. Some graduates create a design with a photo of themselves as a young child, then as an older school boy or girl, and finally a modern photo of them at the present time. Others have a small photo as a child, with a larger current photo of the graduate. Another idea is to have a card with both a recent casual photo and one with a shirt and tie or dress. This style provides a memory of the young person in two different ways. Friends and relatives will appreciate receiving invitations that have a personal touch rather than a formal plain white invitation.

The process of ordering the invitations is very simple. First of all, scan through the available styles that the website offers to find the one that is just right. After making your choice, you can add your personalized details to the card and upload your digital photo. It is also possible to email the photo to most companies. Customers can make changes on their computer screens to see exactly how the card will look before they place their orders. A sample card is then made, and it is emailed to the customer for their approval. The final step is to complete the order of 25, 50, 100, or any amount of cards that are ordered and mail them to the customer.

Websites often offer fast service, such as having the invitations ready for shipment one or two days after the card is approved. This means that the entire process could be completed within less than a week, but for such an important occasion, it is better to have the graduation photo taken about two or three months before the big day. Invitations can then be ordered as soon as students are notified of the details of their graduation day, allowing six to eight weeks before the event to order the invitations. Time for addressing the cards and for mailing them needs to be taken into consideration as well when deciding how far in advance to order to cards. When planning in advance, students can be sure that their guests will circle their special date on their calendars.