Make Your Own Photo Invitations

Thanks to digital cameras and photo software, anyone can easily make their own photo invitations for any occasion. Custom photo invitations have the name of the person celebrating a birthday, or the couple’s names for an anniversary party or wedding, along with the details of the occasion. There are websites that offer free cards for all occasions that are simple to use. The cards are already designed, so it is only necessary to fill in the information for each line, such as date of the occasion, time, and place. There are choices for all occasions, including birthdays, wedding showers, baby showers, holiday parties, and others.

Make Your Own Photo InvitationsCheap photo invitations are easy to make. Start out by having a clear digital picture of the person who will be honored at the party. If it is a couple for their wedding invitation, a close-up of the couple that reflects their love is a good choice. For special wedding anniversaries that couples are celebrating, they sometimes choose a picture of their wedding 25 or 50 years ago to place on the front of the card. If the occasion is to celebrate the birthday of a baby or a child, a cute image of the child also makes the invitation much more personal.

Once you have the picture that you are going to use, you are ready to make your DIY photo invitations. You will need to have a graphics program for cards that you can find for free online, or there are various programs that you can buy. Open whichever graphics program that you want to use. Next, browse through the cards to find one that is just right for your occasion. You can type in your greeting, or use one of the pre-made greetings offered on the page. You can make your invitation customized by adding a special font and choosing the size that looks best on the card that you have chosen.

You will then be ready to work on the inside of the card. Simply drag a text box to the proper spot, or type the details of your party in the text box. You will want to be sure to include the occasion, the person who will be honored at the party, the time and place, and any particulars, such as what to bring or special clothes to wear. You may also want to include your e-mail address and phone number for RSVP purposes so you will know how many guests to expect. At this point, the card is almost complete except for finishing touches and the photo. They can be attached in two different ways. One way is to print out the photos, cut them out with pinking shears or regular scissors, and carefully glue them to the front of the card. Be sure to use glue very sparingly, or it will not look right and it will have lumps when the glue dries.

The second and best way to add a photo to your cards is to use a graphics program that allows you to upload it to the card when you design it. This looks more professionally done because the photo is on the same page as the card. Also, when you use heavy card stock paper, the picture tends to look more professional. After finishing the picture in one of these two ways, you can add pearls, gems, glitter, or other decorative items to the border of the front of the card. It is also very attractive to glue on a tiny bow to the top front of the card.

There are so many ways to make cheap photo invitations that you will probably want to make them for every party that you host.