Wedding Photo Invitations

Many couples are choosing wedding photo invitations to send to their friends and relatives, and there are many choices at various websites. Couples often prefer these invitations over traditional, formal ones without photos. The most obvious reason is that they allow a photo or several photos of the happy couple to be imprinted on the invitations, and this makes a very welcome keepsake for wedding guests. Invitations with photos are more personal than a picture or plain paper could ever be. Also, they can be customized with unique fonts, colors, and designs that fit the wedding theme. Some styles are more economical than formal invitations, and with tight wedding budgets, couples can often spend less on photo invitations than they would pay for traditional ones at a stationery store.

Wedding Photo InvitationsModern wedding photo invitations may feature a photograph of the happy couple in a casual close-up pose. A family member or friend can take the photo with a digital camera so that it can be uploaded to the website where they are ordering the invitations, or they may want to have a more formal professional photo taken. There are many backgrounds with wildflower silhouettes or other floral prints. Various types of cardstock are also available, and these can give the invitations a totally different flair than plain white paper. It is a common practice to have invitations printed that match the colors of their wedding party, and with the great variety of rainbow shades available, this is very possible to do.

A lot of thought and planning goes into the invitations in most cases. For instance, if the wedding is in the fall months and the wedding colors are gold, white, and grey, the choice of a background that is one-third solid gold and two thirds dark gray with white wildflowers joining the two colors could be used. The photo is placed on the gold section of the card, and the two background colors of gold and dark gray coordinate with the gowns of the bridesmaids and the tuxes of the groomsmen. White lettering is scripted with the couple’s names and details of the wedding ceremony that ties in with the white wildflowers. When first hearing of an unusual combination like this, it may be difficult to imagine, but it ends up being a very attractive invitation. There are many background colors to choose from for this one style, and it is only one of hundreds that are available. Some websites offer coordinating response cards, thank you cards, and photo thank you cards with a wedding photo.

One of the best advantages to buying wedding photo invitations online is that there is no need to settle for invitations that are not exactly what the couple wants. Choices may include the card stock – thick, thin, textured, shiny, and other types of paper in a multitude of colors can be chosen, and styles can often be either flat or folded. The font size and style can also be chosen, as well as the colors of the letters. Although some companies allow customers to pick the details of their order, there are others that print photo invitations with limitations. This is not a problem, however, when the couple finds an invitation that they like just as it is.

Ordering cards online also offers the convenience of fast delivery. Most orders can be delivered within a week or two after the order is finalized. At websites who offer custom personalization, the customer is emailed a sample of the card for approval. Once the order is finalized, it is usually sent out within a few days. Most couples like to order about three months or more in advance of their wedding so that they are able to send them out in advance.